One thing is certain in this world: If you have a great product, talent, or message, you need a team to help get the word out. mouth : digital + public relations excels at doing just that in the following categories and services:

Media Relations

For over a decade, we have built a core service: pitching and booking national and local TV, Radio, Print and Online interviews in virtually every local market in the U.S. and key international territories. Unlike other PR firms, we share our media lists and press materials with clients, and only go after outlets that move the sales needle and raise your profile. With all the competition, we have to “campaign” for a booking as if our clients are running for political office! We’ve got a 3 X 3 pitching approach—a team of three who will pitch those outlets at least three times by phone, email; and even through social media.

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social media

Social Media Ad Optimization & Management  – Mouth Digital + Public Relations includes digital in its name because we are experts in this space.  Whether you hire us for social media, traditional media—or both—we know how to pivot between these two mediums, which we truly feel are connected. Building a presence on social media is as important as appearing on a national television interview. In many ways, the amount of followers, pages views, likes and and engagement may very well be the deal maker for producers and editors to seriously consider you. Adding social media to your marketing plan is as if you’re expanding your reach to another thousand channels of opportunity.  Not tech savvy? No worries!  We will be your guide, your digital guru and your trusted source to build your platforms, curate your content, and boost it out to the world for all to see! Here’s the breakdown:

Content Strategy

Curating written and visual content for social media platforms is a skillset that we know well.  As experts, we will quickly learn the ins and outs of who you are, what you stand for, as well as what your interests are beyond the product you’re selling.  Unlike traditional media—where you may start promoting a product at “hello,” communicating on social is a slower “burn.” First, we will guide you to become a trusted source on the Internet before blatantly promoting your product.  After learning your brand’s guidelines (or creating them with you), we will come up with a content strategy that fits the tone of your followers and the subjects we know are of interest.  Using social listening tools, we will gauge who your audience is and what sort of content will create trust and value for your brand. 

Community Management

Community management includes follower growth and custom engagement. In the old days, you could hire a high school student to curate and moderate your content.  Today, the World Wide Web (or what we call the Wild, Wild West!) is a more sophisticated beast.  During our onboarding session, we will explain how we’ll grow your followers strategically and help implement a custom engagement “boosting” strategy, where we will ‘connect’ your platforms to new, real users every single week—engaging with a fresh audience who might not otherwise connect to one another, but who are interested in the same topics as your brand. The greatest part of social media isn’t just about gaining followers, but keeping them engaged and entertained. 

Social Media Ad Optimization & Management

 We interpret data in order to attract quality leads by creating advertisements (known as “boosted” posts). We will build content communities using a backend hash tagging technique to target real social media platform users. Using this algorithm, the primary goal is to increase followers, engagements, likes, page views that will grow an audience.  Creating these advertisements include Ad Account Compliance and Setup, Retargeting Campaigns, Daily Budget Management, Pixel Integration, and much more.  Every month, we’ll analyze the data and will give you a clear, concise, black & white snapshot of how well the content aligned with our strategy. 

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DIGITAL marketing

(Websites, Apps, SEO and more)
Looking for a new website, a new app, the perfect url address, and more?  We can conceptualize, build and create the total brand package for you. Using the latest technology, we will make sure that the respective platforms are optimized (SEO) so that they are easily found on the Internet for the perfect audience to see.  Together with social media, we’ll get you up and out there with relevance.  

brand building

How will the consumer remember you? It’s easy: Build your brand and keep your message clear, concise, and consistent. Need talking points, pitch letters, press releases, suggested interview questions, email announcements, a Web site, or other media-related materials? How about buttons, posters, tee-shirts, invites, or even stationery with a new logo? Our team can brainstorm, design, and produce them on your behalf.

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Pitching your business to other businesses is the same technique we use to book media. If you’re looking to increase your visibility in the marketplace and grow your client base, we will research and create the business wish lists to go after for you—for the purposes of us making the connection for you and/or closing the deal.

special event support

With decades of experience creating parties, weddings, book launches, intimate luncheons and red carpet events, we’ll produce and coordinate an affair to remember. We can easily source out and book caterers, musicians, floral arrangers, liquor sponsors and even invite media—we’ll do whatever it takes to make your event a special one.

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media prepping

Let’s face it: Our culture lives by the rules of show business. Whether you’re a celebrity, entrepreneur, first-time chef, or politician, you need to understand those rules and “rehearse” for your interviews and media appearances. Together, we will hone in on your top five talking points to help you stay on message when on camera, no matter what kinds of questions are thrown at you.

Design Services

Web Design:  We believe that a client’s website is a virtual calling card or retail outlet.  It’s the hub where media, social influencers, brands and consumers will go to check you out.  We will work with you and our third party partners to create a great website that will represent a particular project or your entire brand.  We can help you design, organize the site and help, if not solely write the content for it. Whether you want a set of static pages or dream of having animation with a shopping cart, we’ll be by your side to consult and guide you with our third-part teams.

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Graphic Design:  If you’re looking for e-cards, logos, business cards, pop-up promo greeting cards, merch, (teeshirts, backpacks, pens, water bottles, mugs, jewelry, wedding invitations, brochures) and more, our team can create those takeaways that will stand out beyond the slush pile and stand the test of time. 

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Looking for video promos to use on your website or as an “audition tape” for TV producers, snippets for your social media or longing to take an idea to a production company who will sign your next reality TV series?  Whether you’re looking for a simple zoom or smartphone production or a 2-camera hi-def production, together with our camera crew, our co-producers and directors, we will help you develop a concept, write your script, a vignette or a treatment that will translate on-camera…and we will pitch it to the appropriate parties that will get you a booking or a deal.  

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author relations

They say everyone has a book in them. But if you don’t know how to present your idea in a conventional pitch, you can forget about getting a serious book contract, which still has enormous value—especially for brick and mortar distribution. We know just about every agent and publishing house in the US, and even a few really great ones across the Pond. We can help you whip your proposal into shape and guide you in deciding whether you need an agent (which we can pitch to) or go straight to potential publishers, including vanity presses. Before we go out to the agents or publishers on your behalf, with your approval we’ll help you create distinctive selling points, flush out the competition, as well as build a strategic public and social media marketing plan.