Mouth takes pride in representing all kinds of clients with all tiers of funding.  

Unlike huge corporations who have to meet a certain quota each month in order to pay for their fancy schmancy office space in NYC, we are more scrappy and strategic.  

However, make no mistake—we are like the big guns and deal and negotiate with some of the biggest media outlets, brands and social influencers to help raise our clients’ profile—which is why we have been in business since 2006.   We only work with those whom are passionate about their message (and their madness!), and we truly believe that there is always an audience for every client—but it takes time to search, pitch and cultivate.  If the traditional and social media process was as easy as turning on and off a light switch there would be no industry called PR and digital, so if you have the patience to understand the underbelly of our business or are opened to learning more, we in turn would love to help raise your profile. Please fill in the fields below so that we may hear a synopsis about your project, your timeline and your budget.  We look forward to working with you!