What they say about us…

Justin Loeber put his heart and soul into the national television, radio, and print media tour for my book, Ask Me Again Tomorrow. If you’re going to work with Justin, schedule daily massages for yourself because he will keep you busy!
Olympia Dukakis
Oscar®-winning Actress and Client
Justin Loeber doesn’t waste anyone’s time. I always know to carefully consider his clients, because they are interesting and important, and Justin understands the subjects and issues a CNN viewer finds compelling. And he has a wicked sense for marketing too!
Joy Di Benedetto
Vice President, Network Booking, CNN
There is no one like Justin Loeber. He brings brilliance, untold heights of creativity, and the strictest, most conscientious organization to everything he does. He gets things done, but with loads of pizzazz.
Amy Salit
Producer, NPR’s Fresh Air
It was truly a great experience to work with Justin. He adapted his abilities and skills to each and every situation and opportunity, and always delivered. I was very impressed with Justin’s originality and what he contributed to the team effort…with consistent great results!
Buz Teacher
Co-Founder, Running Press Book Publishers
You just can’t say no to Justin Loeber. He IS the mouth, he gets the word out there and he does not back down, he does not rest, he does not stop until he gets results. Persistent? Yes! But for some reason Justin doesn’t piss me off because he really believes in everything and every one he pitches. It comes from his heart to his mouth and when he comes back for more, I just can’t resist!
Alice Stockton-Rossini
Reporter, WOR Radio
Justin Loeber is a dream publicist. A kind and funny straight-shooter, Justin knows how to bring the best out in his clients and get it under the spotlight.

Emma McLaughlin
& Nicola Kraus
Client, Screenwriters and Authors of The Nanny Diaries
Best pitchers around: Zito, Glavine, Clemens, and Loeber.
Wayne Fisk
Co-Founder, Director/Network Programming,
ABC Radio Networks

Thanks for making my book a success.
Lawrence Taylor
Client, Linebacker, NY Giants 1981–93,
Member, Pro Football Hall of Fame

Justin Loeber is one of those publicists who combines the qualities of creativity with an aggressive approach. He doesn’t give up.
David Black
Literary Agent

In New York City, where every business is competing for publicity, no one fights harder AND delivers better than mouth : digital and public relations . From crafting savvy publicity packages, to attracting the right media attention, mouth : digital and public relations assisted our organization with productions, our benefit and programming. A team of intelligent and dedicated publicists, mouth : digital and public relations goes above and beyond for their clients.
Melissa Fenton Herrod
Client, Executive Director, City Lights Youth Theatre
Our Award-Winning Documentary film, The Kidnapping of Ingrid Betancourt (HBO/Cinemax 2004), was a direct result of comprehensive, intuitive, and resourceful publicity management by Justin Loeber. Shortly before we began filming, the story became an international crisis when Ingrid was kidnapped by FARC guerrillas in rural Colombia. Justin handled the crisis with untold elegance—aggressively pitching publicity interviews for Ingrid’s family in turmoil. We know few people and certainly no other publicist who has the internal strength and sincerity combined with an incredibly charming way with the media and with clients.
Victoria Bruce
& Karin Hayes
Client, Producers/Directors, Urcunina Films
Now that achieving media coverage is more competitive than ever, having an effective, connected publicist in your corner is essential. Justin Loeber is one of those rare PR specialists who has both talent and passion: He knows how to shape a message to appeal to producers and reporters; he is tireless in getting the message out; and he approaches his projects with enthusiastic personal commitment. Bottom line: He gets results.
Jacqueline Deval
VP/Publisher, Hearst Books, and
author of Publicize Your Book
A book of mine was Justin’s first-ever solo job. From a standing start, in ten days he got me CBS evening news, ABC Nightline, Charlie Rose, network and syndicated radio totaling 3000 stations, print reviews nationally—New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and westward—and four pages in People. A spectacular opening effort by Justin, and he has only gotten better. He delivers.
Gavan Daws
Client, Author
Justin Loeber is like a warm blanket you don’t even know you need.
Peter McGuigan
Principal Agent, Ultra Literary
For over a decade, Justin Loeber has consistently demonstrated he’s a publicity powerhouse. He gives his all for everyone—celebrity and newcomer—and gets solid results. mouth : digital and public relations is the perfect name for Justin’s company, and if I ever need a publicist, I would run—not walk—to his new offices.
Sharyn Rosenblum
 Senior Director of Media Relations,
William Morrow
Justin Loeber put me on the map. I’ll never forget the ‘Justin School of Media Training!’ He is a passionate, creative, energetic publicist who leaves no stone unturned in pursuit of attention for his clients.
Diane McKinney-Whetstone
Client, and New York Times Bestselling